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Perumahan Menteng Indah Blok C2 No. 40 Medan Denai

The beginning of building Pempek Nabil's business was inspired by friends who sell food. Well before this food business I have also been in the fashion business which is also done online for about 4 years. I have a good feeling and started to seriously get into this food business and in 2015 I named this business Pempek Nabil. 

Pempek palembang

Mid-2015 moved to Medan, I still run a business without employees, well I am the owner, I am the director, I am the production team, and I am the courier too, the main thing is I do everything myself, assisted by my husband if I need help.

Over time, the demand for goods increased, I began to be overwhelmed, began unable to handle myself, finally I decided to recruit a team, and of course with the full support of my husband became very determined to hire a team. 

pempek nabil

 Photo: Pempek Nabil Team

 The first team I recruited was the production team, after a few months I began to be overwhelmed to respond to chat from customers, finally I was recruiting a special admin, and until now Pempek Nabil consists of 11 employees.

In 2016 I also began to recruit agents and resellers, who are housewives who cannot sell online, we grew up together, I started sharing related to online marketing that I usually use, and thank God there are now about 100 agents and resellers who are members in the Pempek Nabil business. 

reseller pempek

 Photo: Agent and Resellers

There is an immeasurable sense of happiness that cannot be expressed in words, when I see agents and resellers earning extra income from this business, they can buy this from online sales, I am very happy and happy to hear it, from there I am determined to be able to become even more useful for others, by growing and growing with them (agents and resellers)

No less happy when he saw the team (employees) Pempek Nabil can get extraordinary benefits from this business, they can support the family, can go to college, can help parents and others as his, may Allah always bestow His grace and fortune for us all Aamiin.

pempek medan

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