Support the Consul's Site Visit in North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi Encourages Synergy to Bring Investors

Support the Consul's Site Visit in North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi Encourages Synergy to Bring Investors

By: Diskominfo Sumut

09 September 2022 10:10 AM

MEDAN, 25/8 - The Governor of North Sumatra released the consulate generals and honorary consulates in Medan, who will take part in site visit to the investment project in North Sumatra. The site visit was carried out in order to attract investors to invest in North Sumatra.

Edy Rahmayadi said that synergy between all relevant agencies is very necessary. The synergy that has been built so far must also continue to be strengthened.  "This requires support from all parties, our synergy must continue to be strengthened, please what we want to make for our purposes, I support it," said Edy Rahmayadi when receiving a group of site visit at the Governor's Office House, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Medan, Thursday (25/8).

The Covid-19 pandemic, said Edy, had hampered investment activities. Now that the pandemic has begun to improve, it is hoped that a lot of investment will come to North Sumatra.

"We know that together this should be the plan in 2019, then Covid came, all of them were busy with handling Covid, now things are starting to improve, now we are starting to attract investors again," added Edy.

It was also conveyed that North Sumatra has enormous potential and advantages. Starting from its geographical location which is directly adjacent to the Malacca Strait and to abundant natural resources. However, to develop this requires qualified infrastructure. So that the economy of North Sumatra can continue to be boosted.

"I will support it according to my authority. Thanks again please. Coordinate strictly, "said Edy.

Until the first quarter of 2022, investment realization in North Sumatra was recorded at IDR 9.52 trillion. This value grew by 44% (yoy). The realization target in 2022 is IDR 48.70 trillion. Based on this value, the target has been achieved arround 20%.

Head of Bank Indonesia of North Sumatra Representative Office Doddy Zulverdi said that the visit was an initiation of North Sumatra Invest (NSI) in order to invite consuls to see firsthand the investment projects in North Sumatra. NSI itself is a working team consisting of elements of North Sumatra Provincial Government, Bank Indonesia and several other institutions, which are tasked with increasing investment in North Sumatra.

The locations that will be visited include the Medan Industrial Estate, Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone, Toba Resort Caldera, to PTPN IV in Simalungun.

The consuls who participated in the site visit included the Malaysian Consul General in Medan Mr. Aiyub bin Omar, the Singapore Consul General in Medan Mr. Edmun Chia, the Consul General of the Republic of China in Medan Mr. Zhang Min, the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Medan Mr. Ony Hindra Kusuma, the Honorary Consul of Germany in Medan Mr. Daniel Adyaksa Darmadi, the Honorary Consul of Timor Leste in Medan Mr. Irawan, the Honorary Consul of Denmark in Medan Mr. Hendra Wijaya Kesuma. Also present, the Head of the Investment and One-Stop Integrated Licensing Service Office of North Sumatra, Faisal Arif Nasution. (H17/DISKOMINFO SUMUT)-(RV)

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