Pick Up Investment Through North Sumatra Invest Day (NSI Day) 2022

Pick Up Investment Through North Sumatra Invest Day (NSI Day) 2022

By: North Sumatra Invest (NSI)

03 January 2023 01:44 PM

Bank Indonesia Representative Office of North Sumatra together with Provincial Government continue to synergize in encouraging investment through North Sumatra Invest (NSI). NSI, which is a synergy between Bank Indonesia, BAPPEDA, and DPMPPTSP of North Sumatra, has not stopped making efforts to encourage investment in North Sumatra. Starting from the collection of investment projects at the Regency / City level, Capacity Building to strengthen the project offering, Site Visit with the Consulate General and Honorary Consulate and the culmination of the 2022 NSI program, namely NSI Day 2022 activities on September 28, 2022 in Medan City. Carrying the theme "Boosting Investment to Recover Stronger", NSI Day 2022 activities are expected to support a stronger economic recovery through strengthening the investment sector which has a 30.2% share of North Sumatra's economic growth.

NSI Day 2022 was attended by Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Deputy for Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Investment, Regional Secretary of North Sumatra, Regent of Pakpak Bharat, Consulate General and Honorary Consulate of Friendly States in North Sumatra, Leaders of Vertical Agencies, Leaders of Banks and Associations in North Sumatra, Project Owners , related agencies, as well as potential investors abroad who were invited through Bank Indonesia of overseas and potential domestic investors from companies and priority banking customers in North Sumatra with a total of 440 participants consisting of 216 people attending offline and 224 people attending online.

Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, Mrs. Destry Damayanti emphasized the high commitment from Bank Indonesia to synergize in boosting economic growth in Indonesia, including North Sumatra. This commitment is carried out through strengthening communication and transparency to maintain good relations with investors and encourage the function of the Investor Relations Unit to manage the positive perception of investors to Indonesia. Great appreciation is given to NSI for the implementation of NSI Day 2022 which is a tangible form of encouraging investment promotion through the provision of information, business matching to assistance and facilitation to increase investor confidence to continue investing in North Sumatra.

Regional Secretary of North Sumatra Province, H. Agus Tripriyono said in his speech that the North Sumatra Provincial Government continues to encourage a conducive investment climate by providing incentives and ease of investment, as well as the availability of investment projects that are ready to be offered, especially in the green energy sector. The North Sumatra Provincial Government also hopes that through NSI Day 2022, further communication can be established between investors and the strategic investment projects offered. In line with this, the Deputy for Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Investment, Mr. Nurul Ichwan, also said that this activity is the right step in line with efforts at the national level to re-intensify investment promotion activities.

NSI Day 2022 activities include:

  1. Launching of the North Sumatra Investment Opportunity Map integrated with WebGIS which is a website-based geospatial information system, as an informative and easily accessible investment project promotion medium.
  2. The signing of the MoU and Investment LoI in North Sumatra was carried out by 5 (five) domestic and foreign investors with strategic investment project owners as a form of strengthening investment commitments in North Sumatra.
  3. Panel discussion with the topic "Why Should Investors Invest in North Sumatra?" which was filled by the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office of North Sumatra, Head of DPMPPTSP of North Sumatra, Board of Directors of PT. Unilever Indonesia, and the Board of Directors of PT. Sheel Oil Indonesia and presented a more interactive discussion regarding investment prospects and the main factors that investors consider investing in North Sumatra.
  4. Testimonials by investors that strengthen the attractiveness of investment in North Sumatra. Testimony delivered by the Board of Directors of PT. Unilever Indonesia, PT. Sheel Oil Indonesia and PT. Dan Shi Indonesia.
  5. Investment promotion by IPRO (Investment Project Ready to Offer) project owners in North Sumatra. Toba Caldera Resort which is a Super Priority Tourism Destination, as well as Sei Mangkei SEZ and Medan Industrial Estate are given the opportunity to promote their investment projects to potential investors.
  6. Investment promotion booth by 9 strategic investment projects in North Sumatra, as a medium for discussion and dissemination of information related to investment projects offered.
  7. One-on-one meeting has been facilitated offline and online, as an effort to connect strategic investment projects in North Sumatra with potential investors, both domestic and foreign. NSI will continue to monitor and follow up on the implementation of the one-on-one meeting.

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