Tebing Tinggi

Tebing Tinggi

Tebing Tinggi, which is ± 80 km from Medan, is on the national road to Pekan Baru (Riau) and Padang (West Sumatra), which already has adequate facilities and infrastructure. Various public service activities in the fields of education, health, trade, settlement and the provision of services giving opportunities for businesses to invest in accordance with the growth of the city.

In 2000, the population reached 125,081 people with the rate of population of 0.71% per year and with average density of 3,254 people/km2. The population generally works in the trade sector, transportation, services, industry, agriculture, construction, mining, quarrying, finance, civil servants and military. The number of the workforce in 2000 reached 1,139 people consisting of 348 men and 791 women.

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