Simalungun Regency is one of the regencies in North Sumatra. Simalungun Batak tribe is a native of this regency. The capital has officially moved to Raya on June 23, 2008 from Pematangsiantar City which has become an autonomous region, after being delayed for several time.

This regency has 32 sub-districts with total area approximately ​​438,660 ha or 6.12% of the total area of ​​North Sumatra Province. With the most extensive sub-district is Hatonduhan District with an area of ​​33,626 ha, while the smallest is Jawa Maraja Bah Jambi District with an area of ​​3,897 ha. The entire sub-district consists of 386 villages and 27 urban village (2019).

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