Padang Lawas Utara

Padang Lawas Utara

North Padang Lawas Regency or more often abbreviated as "PALUTA" is one of the regencies in North Sumatra Province, which was the outcome from the division of South Tapanuli Regency. With the capital of Gunung Tua.

North Padang Lawas Regency has average height of 1,915 meters above sea level, located in the position of 1°13'50"-2°2'32" North, and 99°20'44"-100°19'10 East. The area of North Padang Lawas regency is about 3,918.05 km2 with consists of 12 sub-districts, namely: Batang Onang (485.00 km2), Padang Bolak Julu (196 , 44 km2), Portibi (246.13 km2), Padang Bolak (699.06 km2), Padang Bolak Tenggara (94.93 km2), Simangambat (429.42 km2), Ujung Batu (269.62 km2), Halongonan (410.27 km2), East Halongonan (181.33 km2), Dolok (525.27 km2), Dolok Sigompulon (262.56 km2) and Hulu Sihapas (39.05 km2).

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