Nias Regency is one of the regencies in North Sumatra located in Nias island. Gido is the capital city of this regency. This place can be reached by sea travel from Sibolga and will be spending 12 hours there, or by flight from Medan and will take 1 hour through local airport namely Binaka Airport.

Native people called this island with Tano Niha. Through that the people is relying agriculture sector for their main livelihood. With the potential land reached 81,389 ha consisting of 22,486 ha of rice fields and 58,903 ha of dry land. But, this potential is still not be able to cover people needs. It reflects to in 1999 Nias Regency imported 22,223 tons of rice from other region.

It's different with plantation sector. The fertile nature of Nias is very suitable for the cultivation of rubber, coconut, coffee, cloves and patchouli. Rubber and copra are the mainstay of plantation products. Facts, in 1999 rubber production was reached 13,624 tons, while copra was 42,230 tons.

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