Karo Regency is one of the regencies in North Sumatra with the capital city is Kabanjahe. This regency has total area of 2,127.25 km2 and with a number of population about 500,000 people. This regency is located in the Karo highlands ranging 600 to 1,400 meters above sea level and has a distance 77 km from Medan. Because of that altitude, Karo land has a cool climate with temperatures ranging from 16 to 17° C.

Through this highland of Karo, visitors/tourists can find the beauty natural nuances of the mountains with cool air and equipped with panoramic local characteristic such as fruits and vegetables fields. In this area you can also enjoy the greatness of the Sibayak volcano which is still active and has 2172 meters above sea level. The meaning of the word Sibayak is King. So, Sibayak mountain means Mount of King according to the understanding of the Karo tribe ancestors.

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